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Step by step towards a successful future

NANOINVEST views Information, Nano and Bio Technology as a technological revolution which will fundamentally transform the economy and society as a whole. It is precisely for this reason that entrepreneurial investments mean far more to us than just furnishing companies with money. Rather, we regard ourselves not only as a financial strategist and consultant but also as an across-the-board partner assisting young companies from their earliest beginnings and then accompanying them on the road to a profitable future.

This personal relationship with our clients and partners is very important to us. After all, an enterprise’s greatest capital is not so much the successful business idea as the mind in which that idea came into being.

We support companies with our experience

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the identification and evaluation of new technologies and trends. Our internal and external networks of experts not only cover a broad spectrum of technological and scientific fields but also have the necessary socio-economic knowledge and skills.

We analyse potential and reduce risk

Companies in which we invest must develop a pioneering approach in the field of Information, Nano and Bio Technology, the innovative potential of which allows the business in question to establish a clear competitive advantage within its branch of industry as well as achieving dynamic, above-average corporate growth.

We invest in Technology enterprises from a variety of industrial sectors, and this diversification further enhances opportunities for success while also minimising risk.

We invest long-term in emerging markets

Our investment focus is on Asian and European and American enterprises. High-tech industries in Asia offer an especially promising area, and our presence in the region means we can monitor the local venture capital and start-up milieu from close proximity, efficiently analysing it to more rapidly identify attractive investment opportunities.

At the same time we also monitor and evaluate the European and American market, especially innovative Environmental and Bio Technology, where we expect particularly rapid and profitable growth over the coming years.