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Nanotechnology – the key technology
of the 21st century

With a name deriving from the Greek word nanos (dwarf), today nanotechnology is regarded as the technology of the future. The discipline brings together findings from many different fields of the natural sciences, enabling nanoscientists to construct machines and materials just as nature itself does: atom by atom.

Nanotechnology operates at the level of individual atoms. A nanometre is one thousand millionth of a metre: that’s about 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Nanotechnology – the new industrial revolution

Over the past few years, almost unnoticed by the public at large, nanotechnology has evolved at breathtaking speed, to such a degree that it is no exaggeration to speak of a new industrial revolution which will radically transform industries of many different kinds.

Textiles, railways, automobiles and computers each represented technological revolutions which boosted long-term growth over recent centuries and decades. During these phases of innovation-driven growth, a recurrent phenomenon is of small companies growing into great multinational concerns in a matter of years. It comes as no surprise, then, that many investors put their money into these companies at an early stage, thus profiting as shareholders from their breakneck growth.

Nanotechnology – the discovery of new economic and technological dimensions

No technology sector is currently growing as fast as nanotechnology, and over the coming years its potential applications will transform every single field of manufacturing, from automotive engineering to IT hardware to medical technology.

Our future opportunities will be found in the targeted manipulation of individual atoms and molecules, as nanoparticles confer new properties on materials, tiny nanosystems allow pharmaceutical drugs to be directly precisely at the sources of disease in our bodies, and nano-scale components make possible computers of hitherto unimagined power.

Nanotechnology – where the future is being made

What is more, nanotechnology is taking on great strategic and political significance and may lead to the repositioning of entire societies, regions and nations. Given the runaway evolution of markets in China, the USA, Japan and Germany, one thing can be said with certainty:

The time is ripe for investing in nanotechnology